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Poker-Video von Fernando Habegger alias JNandezPoker

€50/€100 PLO - Three way BLUFF on the River - High Stakes King's Casino Cash Game

Today's hand comes from a Pot Limit Omaha cash game played at the King's Casino Rozvadov with blinds of €50/€100. The table is eight-handed and most stacks are deep. Jedlicka limps from early position Today's hand comes from a Pot Limit Omaha cash game played at the King's Casino Rozvadov with blinds of €50/€100. The table is eight-handed and most stacks are deep.

Jedlicka limps from early position with A743 suited to the Ace with three clubs. Ronny Kaiser then also limps with J495ds. I think the limp is okay.

While this hand doesn't play great in a multiway scenario, raising preflop in this lineup doesn't generate much fold equity, therefore the limp is better than a fold to try and get involved with weaker players.

Jachtmann also limps from the Hijack with AQQ7 suited to the Queen. The cutoff folds and the player on the Button, Renato, decides to raise to €650 with J987ss suited to the Jack.

At this point, the button's fold equity preflop is low versus this many limpers and our hand is not the strongest, given it has a gap in the top, which weakens our holding significantly in multiway pots.

Our suit is also marginal facing so many players. The raise is better than a fold, but I would rather limp behind with this hand.

Leon Tsoukernik calls from the small blind with 6532 single-suited and the big blind also calls with KQJJ suited to the Queen.

As expected the rest of the table calls, so we head to the flop six way with a pot of €3,9k.

The flop is Ad Tc 7h rainbow.

Jachtmann has the shortest stack with €14k euros behind and flops top and bottom pair with his AQQ7, as does the UTG limper with A743ss.

Kabrhel in the big blind has an inside Broadway wrap with his KQJJ and the button preflop raiser holds a wrap with J987.

It checks around to Jacktmann in the HJ and he leads out with his top and bottom pairs for €2,5k leaving €11,5k behind. This bet seems like he is trying to gain information about other player's ranges and push out people with weak straight draws.

Renato and the big blind both call with their straight draws and the UTG limper folds his top and bottom pairs. I think this is a good fold given all the players and lack of backup with his hand.

We go to the turn three-way and it is the Ten of diamonds, bringing a possible backdoor flush draw. Jachtmann now has a Queen high flush draw while Kabrhel holds the King of diamonds blocker.

The big blind checks, Jachtman has one pot sized bet left but also checks the turn. I think this is a great situation for him to bet his blockers and flop range advantage.

He can go for a small sizing and leave chips behind for a potential river shove. Jachtmann definitely needs to protect his hand versus two players and given the pot size, the best play is to make a small turn bet. He checks and Renato checks behind.

The river brings a 9 of clubs, giving Renato the nut straight on a paired board.

Kabrhel now decides to bet €7,5k out of the big blind into two players with his KQJJ, using his Jack blockers to represent a straight.

I don't really like this play because in Pot Limit Omaha, when someone bets the flop in a multiway scenario like this, you want to be well aware of card removal. You want your opponents to have a hand like KQJ themselves, and if you block these cards then it's harder for them to have a non-Ace holding and fold the river.

Jachtmann still has top and bottom pair and is deciding whether to call or not versus the big blind. I think the problem with this hand is that we are blocking missed straight draws that our opponent could be bluffing with, since we have QQ blockers.

On top of that, versus two opponents it's very likely one of them can have trips, a boat or a straight. In PLO, you want to focus a lot on the blockers you have, since they give you additional information. In this situation Jachtmann doesn't have the best blockers to call and with a player behind it looks like a fold.

Let's see if Jachtmann can get away from his hand as even though he is correct with his read, Renato is waiting behind him with the nut straight and chips in his hand.

Thanks to the King's Casino Rozvadov for its great high stakes PLO action.

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