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SCOOP 2017 - PLO Tournaments and Final Table Highlights from 2016 $5,200 event

SCOOP 2017 starts today! Let's go over the new PLO events and some final table highlights from last year's $5,2k PLO 6-max event, where the massive chip leader dominated the table to a win. I will be SCOOP 2017 starts today! Let's go over the new PLO events and some final table highlights from last year's $5,2k PLO 6-max event, where the massive chip leader dominated the table to a win.

I will be streaming the $2,1k and $215 PLO 6-max events tomorrow on Twitch poker at 15:30 ET and during the next following Sundays. Follow me twitch.tv/jnandezpoker to get notified!

Before we review the upcoming schedule, I'm going to go through some hands that happened SCOOP 2016's final table of the $5,200 PLO 6-max, 5 stack tournament. That tournament had 180 entrants and the final table included two PokerStars pros, Jason Mercier and George Danzer.

Since the start of the final table, chip leader BriDge2PaiN held a massive chip lead having over three times the chips than then second place, Jason Mercier. BriDge2PaiN was opening very wide and stealing as many pots.

In PLO, it's very difficult to fight back versus a wide opener at a final table situation with heavy ICM implications. The opener will be willing to call a three-bet with more hands so we have less fold equity, and less often dominate hands preflop than in NLHE. BriDge2PaiN clearly knows this and took full advantage of the scenario.

After orbits of BriDge2PaiN accumulating even more chips, Jason Mercier is sitting with 19bbs and AAQ6ss on the SB. Everyone folds to him and he limps into the bigger chip leader BriDge2PaiN.

The BB raises the pot with QT98ss to apply ICM pressure and calls Jason Mercier's limp-reraise. With an SPR of under 1, Mercier jams his Aces on a Jd7d4d flop and runs into BriDge2PaiN's Queen high flush, busting 6th for $40k.

Some hands later George Danzer shoves from under the gun 5-handed with Q997ds and BriDge2PaiN reshoves with KKT2ss for effectively 20bbs, he holds postflop to bust Danzer.

Four handed, BriDge2PaiN holds more than 75% of the chips in play and almost seven times more chips than second place. One of the shortstacks gets it in preflop versus the other and BriDge2PaiN is left three-handed with 150bbs facing two stacks under 20bbs.

BriDge2PaiN opens the BTN with 8356ds and calls the big blind "raidalot"s three-bet with AAQ9r. With half a pot bet left, the BB shoves T34t flop and BriDge2PaiN calls and turns a straight on the 7o, giving him 100% equity.

The heads-up lasted around 20 hands until BriDge2PaiN picks up Aces and busts "Aufangzeb"s KQJ7ss shove by flopping quads. Second place took just under $150,000 while BriDge2PaiN won $216,000 for winning the tournament.

Now, let's take a look at the 2017 SCOOP schedule and see which PLO MTTs we are going to play. Other than the first day 6-max events I am playing, the rebuy and heads-up PLO tournaments, events #11 and #20 were also played last year.

James "Andy McLEOD" Obst took the High rebuy down for $155k and RaulGonzalez won $105k. In case you play these tournaments, consider your rebuy strategy and how many buy-ins you are willing to play for.

It might make sense to late register and reduce your buy-ins if you are taking a shot. For the heads-up tournament, remember there is no late registration!

One of the MTTs I'm most excited about is event #32-H, the $1,050 PLO 6-max Progressive Knockout event. $500 goes to the buy-in, and $500 bounty on everyone's head that progressively get larger as you bust people.

I'm excited because it will make for a lot of interesting equity and ICM decisions after calculating the bounty. Being the final table chip leader will be very powerful in this tournament if you get a huge stack.

The other two new events are #40, the SCOOP 6-max PLO High Roller and #53, the one day 6-max PLO MTT with a $530 buyin and re-entries available.

I will be playing most of these tournaments and streaming the SCOOP Sundays at: www.twitch.tv/jnandezpoker

I will also be reviewing this year's biggest PLO SCOOP final tables in my YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe if you're interested in watching! Good luck in #SCOOP2017!

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