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Andrew Neeme and a Crazy PLO Cash Game - Las Vegas Poker Vlog Day 2

Day 2 of our Las Vegas trip was a blast. Woke up early, put in an intense workout session at The Cosmopolitan gym, and had a full Keto breakfast. A great way to start the day. We then went for a walk Day 2 of our Las Vegas trip was a blast. Woke up early, put in an intense workout session at The Cosmopolitan gym, and had a full Keto breakfast. A great way to start the day. We then went for a walk to the strip and checked out the poker rooms at the Bellagio and Aria while planning the evening. An hour later, Joe Ingram invited us over to come over to his place and hang out.

After having some coffee and talking for a while, we decided to do a review of the $530 SCOOP PLO 6-max Final Table Replay with all cards face-up. You could really tell people were playing a very different style from what you are used to seeing in Pot Limit Omaha cash games. The payouts and ICM was very noticeable and players were taking non-standard lines, which led to an interesting commentary experience. I will be releasing that video soon and it was good practice as I am commentating the WSOP $10,000 PLO final table event tomorrow at PokerGo. Looking forward to it and hope you guys enjoy that too.

Before reaching Las Vegas, I had reached out to Andrew Neeme to try and get his take on the poker action in the city, as well as tips on what other places he recommends. We also planned to run a small stakes friendly PLO game that night and invited others like Doug Polk and Ryan Fee to join. Joey was kind enough to let Andrew and I meet and record a segment at his place. While we were talking, Doug Polk also dropped by.

After the recording, the four of us as well as Jonah and Orestto hung out for some time and talked about each other’s plans for the summer. When the time came to choose a place for dinner, we followed Andrew’s suggestion and went to a place called the Cornish Pasty Co. We drove there and enjoyed a great meal, easily worth my Keto cheat day. We played credit card roulette to pick who would pay for dinner, Andrew was the unlucky winner but he was already mentioning he would pick up the tab, such a cool guy. Fortunately, the place was very reasonably priced!

From there, we all headed out to The Mirage to play our PLO game. It started out pretty standard with $1 and $1 blinds, but after a while we started adding in a $2 and $4 straddles. My buddy John Beauprez also joined us, as well as a few other cool guys Andrew, Jason and Colleen. We played for a couple of hours before Ryan Fee got there, and then the game started getting out of line.

The straddles started getting bigger and after a while we switched to 5 card Omaha. I am pretty sure we saw a flop 100% of the hands played, which is crazy considering we played until about 3 AM. The game wasn’t the softest but it was fun. After losing a few stacks, Ryan Fee ended up being the big winner in the game while a few of us broke even (not an easy feat in such a high variance game setup).

It was great to see all these guys together and be able to talk to them in person, a big part of why I enjoy playing poker in the first place is getting to know and interacting with people, and all these guys are players I enjoy being with. Great people, great food and the great game of PLO. What more can one ask for?

Hope you guys enjoyed the vlog and seeing these guys together as much as I did. I will be looking to spend more time with them, so let me know if you have a question for any of them, or who else would you like me to hit up. I already have some people in mind and that I have gotten plans with for the next 10 days. I probably won’t be playing as many WSOP events as I had originally planned, but I have been hitting up the cash games, at the Bellagio and mainly 25/50. The action has been amazing and with the upcoming weekend, I expect them to get even better.

Thanks for watching! Also special thanks to Andrew Neeme for the great suggestions and good times. Make sure to check out his GTO poker vlogs at: https://www.youtube.com/AndrewNeeme

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