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Poker-Video von Fernando Habegger alias JNandezPoker

€100/€200 - BLUFFING the Casino BOSS?? - High Stakes Omaha Cash Game

Today's poker hand comes from the high stakes Pot Limit Omaha games in King's Casino in Rozvadov. The blinds are 100/100 euros and there is a casual €200 straddle under the gun. The action folds around Today's poker hand comes from the high stakes Pot Limit Omaha games in King's Casino in Rozvadov. The blinds are 100/100 euros and there is a casual €200 straddle under the gun.

The action folds around to the Hijack who opens to 700 with QJJ8 suited to the Queen. While this hand is fine to open from this position, I would suggest opening for a smaller sizing with your whole range when at this stack size in a straddled, bigger game.

This is to not risk as much when you are three-bet and are forced to fold. If you open too this sizing and are faced with a pot 3bet, the stack to pot ratio (SPR) on the flop will often be too low to justify a preflop call.

Theo Jorgensen flats from the Cutoff with 8654 with three hearts. This is a very wide cutoff flat and he should probably just fold preflop. Having the gap at the top of our hand means our hand will flop less nut straight draws and weaker marginal draws in multiway pots.

Leon flats from the SB with A765 suited to the seven and with three diamonds. I don't think this hand is worth a call even with the pot odds we are getting.

Jan-Peter calls from the big blind with KT97 single suited to the King. I think this call is fine, closing the action and with decent connectivity.

The flop is Ks3h4c (rainbow) with a pot of 2,9k.

Jan-Peter flops top pair while Theo and Leon flop straight draws. Leon checks the flop with his nut wrap. I think there is merit to consider leading here, he will make a lot of hands fold that have a lot of equity versus his Ace high.

The hand that is most likely to raise is pocket Kings, and since the board is rainbow he can continue versus that hand with his 13-card nut wrap draw.

Leading into multiple players will put them in a difficult situation because they have to consider all the other players behind left to act.

Jan-Peter's check is also fine with his weak top pair and kickers. Dimitry's check with QJJ8 is certainly standard, you don't want to start betting with his hand on a multiway King high flop.

Theo flopped middle pair and a straight draw to the nuts, but he doesn't benefit much from free cards. They will often weaken his hand, and if he improves, it's rare that he will get a lot of action from his opponents.

That said getting check-raised can get very awkward at his stack size and therefore checking is also fine.

The flop checks around and the turn is the 3 of spades, pairing the bottom card. Now, Leon checks and Jan-Peter leads out into three players with his marginal Kings for 1,5k into 2,9k.

I think Jan-Peter's bet is fine after everyone has checked around on the flop, he most likely has the best hand but benefits from folding out his opponent's hands.

Leon check-calls from the small blind with the wrap draw and nut flush blocker. I think that if you are going to continue on the turn, then check-raising is the better play. Ohterwise you lose on the river too often with Ace high.

The river is the 6 of clubs which completes Leon's straight.

He leads the river for a very small bet of 1,5k into 5,9k. This seems like a strange play, but it does have its merits. By check-calling the turn you represent the weaker range, so it doesn't make much sense to bet. That said, if facing someone that will most likely call or raise these small bets with his top pair hands it can be very valuable.

Jan-Peter now has a tough decision. He needs to decide wether his hand is good, or if he wants to turn it into a bluff by raising.

When considering a bluff raise, you want to focus on the additional information your sidecards give you, in order to not overbluff in this situation. K4 and K6 make for good blockers to raise with.

When you do bluff raise, you want to make it the biggest size possible. You want to maximize your profit with your value hands by getting paid off, and maximize the amount of bluffs you can balance your range with by offering worse pot odds.

Jan-Peter goes for a small raise, only three times Leon's bet. I think this makes Leon's decision easier and doesn't put enough pressure on him.

Let's see if Leon Tsoukernik can make the call.

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