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I AM AN AUTHOR!! 40,000 Words in 11 Days for $2,000 Prop Bet VICTORY!!!!

It wasn't easy, but I am officially an author and my book is on Amazon now for $9.99!! Chasing the Poker Dream: The Qualities of a successful poker player!!! I made a prop bet that I had to write a book It wasn't easy, but I am officially an author and my book is on Amazon now for $9.99!! Chasing the Poker Dream: The Qualities of a successful poker player!!!

I made a prop bet that I had to write a book by the end of January for $2,000 USD. I grinded all day/every day and finished the book in 11 days. This is the best poker book you will ever read for 9.99 in the history of the game. You will improve your mindset and your approach to poker. I will tell you what separates the small stakes players from the high stakes players.


Thank you to Ryan Fee, Cole South, Dan Colman, JNandez, David Parades, and John Beauprez for contributing parts to the book.


About The Author
Contributions and Acknowledgements!!
Why Did I write this book??
Obsession over time
Shift in obsession
What does obsession look like in poker?
Is obsession necessary for poker success??
Obsession in retrospect??
Ryan Fee Introduction
Ryan On Obsession
Dan Colman Introduction
Dan On Obsession
Shift in Ambition
How can someone become more ambitious??
Ryan Fee on Ambition
Work Ethic
What is work ethic in poker??
How does one get work ethic??
Is Work Ethic Necessary to Succeed at Poker?
Work Ethic in Retrospect
Ryan Fee on Work Ethic/Effort
600,000 hands in a month prop bet
Self-Confidence and Self-Belief
How does having belief in yourself translate into poker?
What do bad poker players think??
Ryan Fee on Self Confidence
The Ability To Sacrifice
My experience with Sacrifice
Downsides of Sacrificing??
My Current Approach To Sacrifice
How can you implement sacrifice into your own poker life??
Try This Yourself
Do You Need to be selfish to great success at poker?
Ryan Fee on Selfishness-
Long-Term Oriented
Having poker goals/vision
How do you figure out your goals or vision?
Ryan Fee on Having ultimate poker goal
Risk tolerance/fearlessness
Ryan Fee on Risk Tolerance
Being able to emotionally disconnect from the real world value of the money you are playing with
Emotional Control/Tilt Control
Dealing with failures
How to get better at dealing with failure
Ryan Fee on Dealing with failure
Cole South Introduction
Cole South On Turning Failure Into an Asset
Dealing with Downswings
How can you deal with downswings better?
How to gain more patience?
Ted Slocum Introduction
For The Win
Dealing with Complacency and Contentment
Long Time Regulars now Losing/Breakeven/Small Winners Guide to Winning
Poker Questions To Ask Yourself
Pattern Recognition
Less Room For Error
Fighting for every single pot
Range analysis
Emphasis on value betting in smaller stakes and recognizing bluff spots in high stakes
GTO Guide to Cash Games vs. Zoom Poker
Faithful Poker Hours/Focus
My Biggest Poker Leak (Shot Taking)
How you can implement aggression into your game?
Beating up on fun players
Creative strategies/Open Minded
Open Minded
What does open-minded mean in the poker context?
Ability to Adapt
How to get better at adapting
Understanding Variance
My Three Worst Qualities
Bankroll Management
Stop Loss
Poker Game plan is like a puzzle
How Opponent is Winning
Players potential is capped at the particular level at which they begin to think they know everything, even if it’s subconscious.
Working/studying while your opponents are sleeping
Making Tough Folds
The inability to use check as a weapon
Network of Friends
Ryan Fee on Network
How can you complain less??
JNandez aka Fernando Habegger Introduction
JNandez Wisdom
John Beauprez Introduction
The Fastest Way To Improve At Poker
David Paredes Introduction
Bluff-shoving into quads (Or, why it's okay to be loose early on in your career)
The Great Game of Pot Limit Omaha

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