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Poker-Video aus dem Bicycle-Casino in Los Angeles | Live at the Bike

$25/$50 PLO - Aces in a Tough Spot from Live at the Bike - Zack Freeman vs JC Moussa

Welcome to another Pot Limit Omaha hand review! This time we have a $25/$50 blind game with effective stack sizes around $5k. The action begins with Zack Freeman opening UTG with a marginal KQ98 suited Welcome to another Pot Limit Omaha hand review! This time we have a $25/$50 blind game with effective stack sizes around $5k.

The action begins with Zack Freeman opening UTG with a marginal KQ98 suited to the Queen. I don’t recommend including this hand in your opening range from this position.

Raising from this position, you’re very likely to end up in two scenarios. If one or two more players call behind, you will likely end up in a multiway pot out of position.

You can also get three-bet by a stronger range by an in position player, especially when we don’t hold an Ace in our hand. You want to be very selective with your UTG range because you will need very strong holdings to bet multiple streets from OOP, especially in a multiway pot.

JC Moussa three bets with Aces from the Cuttoff, specifically AA87 suited to the Eight. Even though these Aces are on the marginal side, we are still pushing an equity edge versus an early position range consisting of many Ace high hands and high-card rundowns.

Flatting occasionally can be good in this spot, but I would rather have an Ace high suit in order to play better in multiway situations.

Zack quickly calls out of position. Our opponent’s three-betting range versus an under the gun range will likely be on the tighter side and include mostly hands that dominate us. Our hand’s connectivity is not as good as it seems, and we will be out of position.

The flop comes 985 two tone where no one flops a flush draw (or backdoor flush draw). The stack to pot ratio is almost exactly 4. Zack Freeman leads out for two thirds bet.

I think this play has some merits in this situation. The board does not support a tight three-betting range such as the CO vs UTG three-bet. On the other hand, an UTG range will also miss this flop somewhat often.

If we are going to lead with an SPR of 4, I would rather bet full pot and set up a stack to pot ratio of 1 on the turn, allowing for an all-in shove.

JC Moussa goes into the tank and looks visibly frustrated. He is in somewhat of a tough spot, but he should not consider folding. He can call and play the turn in position, however his hand is unlikely to improve and there are many turn cards where he can get bluffed or be forced to fold or check back.

After going into the tank Moussa decides to call. The turn is a 9 of hearts, no backdoor flush draw available. With an SPR of 1.5, Zack Freeman bets his full house for slightly under half pot, easily setting up stack sizes for a river all-in shove.

I also don’t agree with this sizing. The board texture (985t, 9o) seems very static and Zack has turned the top full house, in reality the board texture is still quite dynamic and offers a lot of draw possibilities to the point where a straight or trips hands are still vulnerable.

I would like a bigger bet from Zack Freeman with some of his hands like straights, trips, and combo draws. With his particular hand, KQ98 without relevant spade blockers, JT, or an Ace in his hand, this is actually a good hand to check the turn.

Zack’s hand increases the chance Moussa is on a draw or has Aces, which means we want him to hit his draw or over commit himself to the pot after we check.

At this point, Moussa is in a really difficult spot, facing a range with a lot of semi-bluffs but possibly also trips or better now. He has gained equity versus Zack Freeman’s semi bluffing range, but is almost drawing dead versus trips now.

I think he should just call again, especially with his reverse blockers, position and the pot odds offered, I think there is no way he can fold at this point.

Where a lot of people get it wrong is by jamming the turn card. The reason you don’t want to shove in Moussa’s spot is that versus our opponent’s range we are either a small equity favorite or a huge equity dog. The play is to call and see if the river improves our equity in order to call your opponent down.

Moussa goes into the tank and decides to go all-in on the turn for his remaining 3,7k. Zack Freeman calls instantly with the nuts and they run it twice.

I hope you enjoyed my video hand review!

Make sure to check out the Live at the Bike channel for great live streaming of both NLHE and PLO games.

Original video from Live at the Bike:
Shoutout to commentators: Wayne Chiang, Abe Limon and Phil Stark.
Live at the Bike channel:

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